MilkCollagy (25 Servings)

R 489.00


Your Pregancy & Breastfeeding Vitamins, 90% of your daily Collagen Allowance and Milk Supply support in one tasty, high proteins and low carb drink!  

Taste our awesome new shake to decide which flavour is your favourite. 

Pregnancy and the first few months of being new mom is busy and often overwhelming.

Add Nausea, discomfort and sleeplessness during pregnancy, as well as exhaustion and emotions during baby's first few months to the mix, and you are sitting with a mom that desperately needs nutritional support to keep on being the SuperMom she is.

The MilkCollagy range of drinks knows this all too well, and have therefore created an all inclusive product that gives a pregnant or nursing mom everything she needs in one delicious shake. In each serving, you will find:

  • A Combination of Vitamins and Minerals with added Folic Acid
  • 9000mg Collagen for healthy skin, joints, hair and much more
  • Galactagogues to assist with breast milk supply
  • A healthy drink that is high in protein (18g per serving), but low in Fats and Carbs.
  • No added Sugars

The MilkCollagy range is expertly crafted by food scientists in the Republic of South Africa.